What 11 Face Skin Defects Are Trying to Tell You About Your Health


8. Unexpected appearance of moles or birthmarks

In most cases, there is nothing to worry about, but vigilance is always a good thing. Ask yourself several questions. Are the borders of the mole jagged? Is the color of the mole uneven? Is it bigger in diameter than a pea? Has it changed in the past few weeks?

  • Consult your doctor if one of your answers was “yes.” Try to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun, and remember to use SPF creams.

7. Butterfly rash

A small rash on the face can be caused by improperly selected cosmetics, allergies, climate change, or excessive consumption of sweets. Once you eliminate the provoking factor, the rash will disappear. But if the rash occupies both cheeks and resembles a butterfly in shape, it can signal lupus.

  • Other symptoms of lupus are fever, joint pain, and fingers becoming blue in frosty weather.

6. Peeling skin around the mouth and nose

Changes in the skin around the mouth and nose can be a result of various causes, but most often it means a lack of essential vitamins A, C, E, or B in the body. Peeling is often accompanied by general weakness, poor concentration or attention, hair loss, and layered nails.


  • It is worth taking the tests and finding out which vitamins are missing. Revise your diet, and add the right foods.

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