This Is Exactly Why Celebs Should Never Wear Runway Dresses!


It’s not a secret to anyone that celebs spend a lot of time trying to look their best. They work on their bodies, they have multiple people doing their hair, nails and makeup. Their outfits are carefully selected and they spend weeks looking for that perfect dress to rock to a red carpet or a special event. And sometimes the choices they make are truly unexpected. Whether they go for something absolutely crazy or just way too weird it’s always entertaining. So let’s take a look at the 9 most unexpected red carpet appearances.

9. Lara Flynn Boyle Ballerina Dress

On one hand dressing up as a ballerina can look very graceful and feminine, so we see what Lara was going for. On the other hand, when a grown woman wears a pink tutu it can look a bit weird, don’t you think?


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