Stop Holding Your Farts In – Here Are 7 Surprising Health Benefits Of Passing Gas


Reduce Abdominal Pain

Holding your gas can cause abdominal pain, also known as intestinal distension. So, letting your gas go will help relieve this pain. If you can let your farts fly, you can gently massage your belly to help the gas flow through your digestive system.

Colon Health

Holding in gas or trying to manipulate the way it is released can harm your colon and inflame your hemorrhoids. Those who have problems with their colon are told not to keep their farts in. So, it’s best to just pass gas naturally when you need to.

Smelling Your Farts is Healthy

Though no one will admit it, everyone likes the smell of their own farts. Other people’s… not so much.

Maybe this is because we instinctually know that it’s good for us. This is because the hydrogen sulfide produced in our intestines during digestion may prevent mitochondrial damage to our cells. This prevents strokes, heart disease, and arthritis.


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