Pepper, Lemon And Salt Can Cure Even 10 Health Issues Better Than Medicines


4. Canker sore

heal the mucus membrane in mouth and mix a spoon Himalayan salt for cup water. Swish after a meal. This removes bad bacteria and heals.

5. Weight loss

have ΒΌ tsp pepper, 2 spoons lemon juice, spoon honey and warm water. This speeds metabolism and the polyphenols in the lemon prevent weight gain also boost sensitivity to insulin.

6. Nausea

upset belly is soothed with pepper and lemon stops nausea. Mix spoon lemon juice and tsp pepper in some warm water. Drink.

7. Asthma attack

keep this nearby. Have ten grains pepper, two clove buds, 15 leaves basil and add them in boiling water a cup. Simmer for 15 min and strain. Put this in a jar with lid. Add 2 tbsp honey and cool this. Refrigerate for 2 weeks and have milk along for taste


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