9 Celebrities Who Should Run for President


Remember that time when Kanye West threatened to run for President of the United States at the MTV Video Music Awards? Less than 2 years left to see if he was kidding or being a total Kanye. But while we’re waiting, let’s speculate on what would happen if more celebs decided to actually take part in the Presidential Race.

I mean, if Trump can become POTUS, sky is the limit! What’s the big deal about being the President of the United States? Granted, none of these celebs will know what to do but at least they’ll be able to stall the conversation using those countless years of practice in from of the cameras.

Get ready to see some superfluous reasons why these 9 celebs should run for President!

1. Tom Hanks

Wouldn’t it be fun to have the dude from “BIG” and “Forest Gump” as the President? I guess, the world leaders would at least respect him.


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