15 Surprising Things That Trump’s Body Language Reveals About Him!


The majority of language is nonverbal.

Body language says so much more than words ever can. Whether you realize it or not, the way you stand, gesture, and even the look on your face can help form someone’s opinion about you. And no one has more suggestive mannerisms than President Donald Trump.

Trump may be known for the off-the-wall things he says (and tweets), but if you look closely, you can learn a lot about him based on non-verbal clues.

Let’s take a deeper look at the most surprising things Trump’s body language reveals about him, including one rare gesture most people don’t get to witness from Trump (No. 12).

1. He’s on a quest for dominance

Donald Trump clapping

Donald Trump’s body language shows that he sees himself as the alpha male in almost every situation.

Every time you see Trump vigorously shaking hands with someone, walking slightly ahead of a group, or even pushing people out of his way, you’re witnessing a physical show of power and dominance. Regardless of what words are coming out of his mouth, the president is constantly showing his peers and the world that he’s in charge of whatever is happening around him with this type of body language.

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